Dragon Towers

by Pip Bird, illustrated by David O’Connell

Take to the skies and join Dragon Towers – the school where everyone has their own dragon best friend!

Ten-year-old Theo LOVES dragons – he knows every dragon type, has every dragon book there is and has even made his own Dragon Rider jacket. So when he gets his letter inviting him to dragon school it’s a dragon-y dream come true.

At Dragon Towers every child is paired with their very own dragon best friend, and every dragon has their own special magic power, from fire-breathing to going invisible and even making slime. Theo can’t wait to find out what type of dragon he has. But when he meets his dragon Wanda she doesn’t seem to have any powers at all…

Published by Farshore | 1st February 2024 | ISBN 9780008641863

Dragon Towers: The Ghostly Surprise

by Pip Bird, illustrated by David O’Connell

Theo’s dragon Wanda is a bit different to the other dragons – she’s more friendly than fearsome, she gets distracted by her tail when flying, and when Theo first met her she didn’t seem to have any powers at all. But Wanda is Theo’s best friend, things are NEVER boring when she’s around – and in fact she has the rarest power of all… a magical bum.

In this new adventure, things get spooky as Theo, his friends and their dragons are getting ready to celebrate Halloween at Dragon Towers. Everyone’s excited about their fancy dress outfits – but there are strange roars coming from the forbidden tower… is it a ghost dragon??

Published by Farshore | 12th September 2024 | ISBN 9780008641894

Dragon Towers: Sports Day

by Pip Bird, illustrated by David O’Connell

It’s Sports Day at Dragon Towers, where the students and their dragons battle it out to win the Fireball Cup – there’s jousting, epic flying challenges, giant dragon egg and spoon races, fearleading (cheerleading mixed with fire-breathing) – and the one everyone’s most excited about: the dragon football tournament. Theo and his dragon best friend Wanda are having an awesome time trying every sport, even if they keep coming last, break all the giant eggs and set fire to their own sack in the sack race. Super-sporty Jasmeet is determined to lead Dragon Towers to victory against rival school Flaming Heights, who have won the Fireball Cup for 199 years in a row, so she drops Wanda from the dragon football team. Theo and Wanda get ready to cheer their teammates on from the sidelines – but when they unexpectedly find themselves a dragon down, will Wanda and her magic bum finally get the chance to shine?

Published by Farshore | 27th February 2025 | ISBN 9780008715489