It looks bad, Horatio

There should probably be a caption or speech bubble here but I couldn’t think of anything other than “battered to death” which isn’t right because it’s more of a lightly crispy crumb coating. Plus he has obviously been cut. I should be a CSI! That pea on the left looks suspicious – book him, Horatio.


Gravity permitting, this fairy will be winging her way to this year’s Caption for the exhibition and auction. Potato-faced scrubber/British female role-model Jordan was on the TV at the time, which may have influenced this drawing.

Speaking of monsters:


I recently bought a book collection of David Weidman‘s work and really love those clashing 60s/70s colour schemes and the way he layered colour. Groovy.

Lastly, I was on the train listening to a family who were off to see Oliver! so ended up drawing Oliver and nasty Mr Sykes:

Oliver and Bill

Almost caught up with myself!

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