I’m in the final days of what’s known as some ‘ambitious’ deadlines, so have been very quiet as I plug away at Getting Things Done. It feels a little like the new year hasn’t really started yet as I’m still working on projects from last year, but I’m looking forward to getting started on New Stuff very soon.

Monster & Chips News


The Dutch edition of Monster and Chips is in the shops (I think: release dates seem to vary, but it’s ANY DAY NOW, I promise)! It can be found in various online shopping places if you’d like to get hold of a copy, in a very handsome hardback edition. I’m hoping to pop over to the Netherlands at some point to see if I can spot it in the wild. Published by Veltman Jeugd and translated by Sandra Hessels.

It comes out just as I’ve got word that it will be joined on my bookshelf with a Brazilian edition from Editora Fundamento. I’m very excited to see how Fuzzby appears in Portuguese! Mind is officially blown.

Also: the audiobook of Night of the Living Bread should be out on February 6th, brilliantly narrated by Oliver Hembrough. Here’s a sample:

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