My comics are going on a North American tour – without me, however. *sniff!*

MoCCA (9th-10th April)

This weekend is the MoCCA festival in glittering New York City! I’m very pleased to say that there will be a contingent of Irish and UK comickers occupying no less than three tables at the festival. I hear some of our viking cousins have a regular presence at MoCCA so it only seems right that we should aid their Euro-infiltration of such a prestigious event.

Make sure you visit Tables K10-K12! Regular MoCCA exhibitor Cliodhna Lyons is leading the way – thanks to her for organising the tables and whathaveyou. She’ll be alongside honorary UK/Ireland-ers Sarah McIntyre (who’ll have copies of the Airship comic we improvised a few years back and the Birdsong anthology in which we both have stories) and Ellen Lindner – have you read the interview I did with her?

Darryl Cunningham, creator of the critically-acclaimed Psychiatric Tales will also be there. He’ll be flogging comics by myself (A Corner of Paradise and Kate Middleton), John Miers and sexyman Dr Geoff.

If that’s not enough, the gents of Accent UK will no doubt have a glorious show of books – if you’re into sci-fi of the 2000AD mould then make sure you stop by their table. I’ve been a contributor to one of their anthologies in the past and will be again later this year. I particularly recommend The Man of Glass by Martin Flink who I believe will also be at MoCCA (in the viking camp).

Stumptown (16th-17th April)

Cliodhna, Sarah and Ellen are then heading over to Portland, OR for the Stumptown festival so any comics leftover from MoCCA will be making their way there. Stumptown always has an amazing lineup of exhibitors – I’d love to get over there sometime.

TCAF (7th-8th May)

There’s a small, polite UK invasion of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival this year:  Darryl’s UK publisher Blank Slate are exhibiting, as are Nobrow Press and creators Adam Cadwell, Kayla Marie Hillier, Joe Decie (another interviewee of mine), Tom Humberstone, Jamie McKelvie and Philippa Rice. The lineup for this is particularly excellent – it’s obvious why TCAF has developed a reputation as the finest independent convention in North America. I’ve contributed to Tom’s most recent Solipsistic Pop anthology, an excellent series of books showcasing the best in UK independent comics.

More convention news to follow.

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