A very happy New Year to everyone! 2013 was pretty great all round, and I hope 2014 brings lots of good things to all.

I’ve lots of exciting things planned for the coming year. It’s going to be a busy one! As ever, fitting it all in is going to take some major planning, which is hard work in itself. I’m revisiting my time-management bag of tricks, and flexing those organisational muscles in preparation.

Monster & Chips Audiobooks

Here’s a bit of Monster & Chips news: the first audiobook is released tomorrow, read by the supremely talented actor Oliver Hembrough. It’s so exciting to hear someone else’s interpretation of the story and I absolutely love it! You can listen to an extract on SoundCloud (or clicking the orange play button in this very post).

The other books in the series will also be released as audiobooks in due course, available as downloadable mp3 or as CDs from libraries. I’ll post buying links in the Monster & Chips page when I’ve dug them out.

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