Some more ink sketches – the end is in sight! These are from days 11-14.





The Gentle Author’s London Album Launch

I’m a London-nerd and a history-nerd, so the Spitalfields Life blog is pretty much essential reading as far as I’m concerned. A great mixture of stories and pictures capturing the London of today, and the London that is vanishing or has already vanished.

The launch of the Gentle Author‘s latest book, The Gentle Author’s London Album, took place last week at the appropriate venue of Christ Church, Spitalfields. It was great to have a chance to meet the mysterious person behind this fantastic blog; I love the way it documents the ordinary life of the city, ordinary but not without its quirks. We have some family connections of our own in Spitalfields and the G.A. was able to enlighten us about some interesting leads for investigating further.


You can read the G.A.’s own account of the launch here. My bonce even makes it into a couple of the photos. Nice to run into illustrator Noelle Davies-Brock there too.

New in the shop


I’ve some notebooks with freaky creature covers designed by me on sale in the shop. A6-sized, they’re filled with blank pages for drawing or writing, or both (if you’re me). They’ll be available at the Comiket and Thought Bubble too. Great stocking fillers!

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