Illustrator Jake Parker‘s style is a big influence on me. His pictures have a real warmth to them and his strong sense of  design pervades everything he does. His robots and mecha-drawings are particular favourites of mine.

Every year he spends October practising his inking, encouraging others to join in the exercise – hence Inktober! An ink drawing every day for a month. My stamina for these daily exercises  is notoriously bad, and I have a deadline looming, but I’m going to give it a go. I drew this lady freehand, so it’s a real warts-and-all sketch – every mis-step exposed.

I’d like to learn to have more control over my brush-work so I’m hoping this will teach me a bit of discipline. If you’re on Twitter or any other social media, watch out for the #inktober hashtag.


Bath Children’s Literature Festival

Don’t forget, I’m doing a comic-making workshop in the beautiful surroundings of the Holburne Museum in Bath this Sunday. I’m also taking part in the Big Draw there too! Tickets for the workshop can be bought here.

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