International Alternative Press Festival 2011

Next weekend is a chockfull of comics goodness, if you’re in the London area: there’s the first International Alternative Press Festival, an evolution of the brilliant APFs that have been held here regularly for the past couple of years. It all kicks off on Friday with an opening party at The Miller, then on Saturday and Sunday there’s the fair at the Conway Hall.  I’m sharing a table at the fair, but it’s not just about selling comics, zines and whatnot: there are also a series of exhibitions, talks and workshops at various venues in the city centre over the following couple of weeks. There’s a wonderfully varied lineup of stuff to get involved with, so do take a look – or check the team out on Facebook.

I’ve loved the previous alternative press fairs I’ve been to. You don’t often get to see comics next to hand-made books or beautiful art prints, and the exposure to the many different approaches to being creative with ink and paper is truly inspirational.

Also on this weekend is the legendary MCM Expo, an extremely well-organised and totally mad-as-a-bucket-of-frogs event, which is lots of fun. Although I won’t be there this time I expect I’ll be popping over to the pub outside for a catchup with everyone. Sometimes there’s just too much on!

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