JAMPIRES at the Big Feastival

It’s JAMPIRES week!


The picture book I co-authored with Sarah McIntyre is out on Thursday and to launch it we did something a bit different: an event at Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival food extravaganza! The Jampires are all about jam and tasty treats so it seemed appropriate (as well as giving us the chance to sample some rather lovely cheese and ice cream, amongst other things…).

But we brought our own treats with us – not just Jampires books but our own special Jampire Jam, courtesy of dapper jamologist Emma Preston-Dunlop. Emma joined us in a moment of relaxation prior to our event:


And here’s the jam itself, with its own labels and everything! It’s raspberry and vanilla with a bit of sparkly silver Jampire magic in there too. It almost seems a shame to eat it – almost.

Emma explained how easy it is to make jam – she’s supplied loads of special custom jams for all kinds of occasions and has to be very creative.


Then it was time for us to be creative. We did our first dramatic reading of the tale of the Jampires. Note the intensity of the acting taking place. Oscars all round!


I’m holding a ‘prop’ doughnut, which I’m afraid had to be eaten in the cause of publicity. Check out Sarah’s amazing Jampire dress that she made with the help of her mom. I’m quite proud of my sequinned waistcoat and home-made Jampire hat too. I spent whole minutes stapling those ears on.

Our reading was followed by some Jampire-drawing and Jampire mask-making. This is us with honorary Jampire Logan, son of brilliant comic-maker Neill Cameron, who was at the show with our friends from the Phoenix comic.


David Fickling, publisher of both the Phoenix Comic and Jampires turned up too, after cycling all the way over from Oxford! Time for a Sarah-selfie:


The little Jampire was made by the super-talented Ann Lam – he proved so popular with one audience member he had to be gently ‘liberated’!

I’m so pleased with this book: it was a long time coming but I think it looks just lovely, as well as being a fun read. Sarah’s finishes are just magical. Here’s one of my favourite ‘spreads’ (pardon the pun):


I get hungry just looking at it!

You can make you own masks, as well as download other activities, at the Jampires website – there’s more information there on where to buy the book too.

Thanks to Philippa Perry our publicist for working so hard on the event, to Devon Black, who apparently did a brilliant job as ‘Jampire Jill’ on Sunday, and James for driving us there and back again – you can see more of his photos here.

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