I’ve been doing some comicking for a forthcoming issue of the Birdsong anthology. Here is a panelette for the purposes of intriguement:

What is going on here? There are many scenarios which naturally or un-naturally spring to mind. You’ll have to wait and see.

I’m reusing the characters I created for a short tale in the first Birdsong book. I really like using these chaps as, unusually for me, they have absolutely no back story.

Normally, I have whole biographies for my characters worked out in my head. But these fellows just get picked up and put down in a situation and I write how they interact with each other in that situation. It’s fun to do character pieces and not to have to worry (too much) about plot.

The first Birdsong book is still available from the lovely people at Failboat Press, containing comics from Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Sarah McIntyre, Nikki Stuart, Lou Ho and Will Kirkby. It’s one of the best comics to have come out this year (even if I do say so myself).

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for the next London MCM Expo and Thoughtbubble. Lots to do!

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