London Small Press Expo II

I won’t be selling any Queen Mum comics at the expo as I’m currently putting a collection together which will have a load of new material. However, there will be royalty present at the table (or almost-royalty) in the form of our adored future queen:

Kate Middleton minicomics! Containing excerpts from her fabulous diary! The comic comes in two forms: regular and a limited edition bedecked with a shrinky-dink of the radiant bride-to-be, majestically astride the royal unicorn – all printed on a regal shade of light blue. It’s the semi-official wedding souvenir you’ve been waiting for. Here’s a quick glimpse:

The humour doesn’t rise much above this level I’m afraid.

Also I shall have prints, some flyers about Caption and more new comics – see here for details.

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