About Jampires

“THERE’S NO JAM!” yelled Sam. “This doughnut is wrinkly! This doughnut is jamless and dry!
Someone has got to this doughnut before me and sucked out the jamminess! WHY?”

Who are the culprits? Sam sets a trap to catch the jam thieves and gets a surprise! It’s the JAMPIRES: friendly little creatures whose love of jam and sweet things gets them into trouble!

They fly off with Sam to their magical land sitting in the clouds, where doughnuts grow on trees, jam tarts sprout like flowers, and castles are made of jammy sponge cake.

It’s a delightful, slurpalicious, JAM-tastic adventure, brought to you in this magical picture book by co-authors and co-illustrators Sarah McIntyre and David O’Connell.

Jam loving kids will enjoy this!

Find out more about how the book was made and have fun with some JAMPIRES activities at their very own website: JAMPIRES.COM

Buying information

JAMPIRES is available in hardback and paperback formats.

Published by David Fickling Books | 4th September 2014 | ISBN 978-1910200117

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