night of the living bread

About Night of the Living Bread

Do you dare to enter Fuzzby’s Monster Diner? Taste the foul food served up at Fuzzby’s and meet the amazing monster customers! The second book in this laugh-out-loud series from talented author and illustrator, David O’Connell…

Joe the ‘hooman’ is getting the hang of flipping squashed-frog burgers at the monster diner. He’s even made some monster friends. But things heat up in Fuzzby’s kitchen when Joe and Fuzzby are asked to cater the Night Mayor’s feast at the mysterious Tower of Doom. Rumour is that if the Night Mayor doesn’t like the food, the monster chefs are thrown into the dungeon . . . forever! Joe and Fuzzby prepare slugs-on-sticks, dangerous pie (warning: do not turn your back on it) and twitching toad sausages to impress the Night Mayor. And if that doesn’t work there’s always the Ultimate Pizza of Darkness. . . Will the brave pair return to the monster diner? Or have they served their last bowl of bumbean stew?

With cartoon strips, revolting recipes and a Special’s Board that’ll make your tummy churn, take a seat at Fuzzby’s and join the fun.

Written and illustrated by me.

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books | 1st August 2013 | ISBN 978-0007497171

Also published in Dutch by Veltman.

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