Observer/Jonathan Cape Graphic Novel Competition

The Observer newspaper has been running a graphic novel short story competition for the past three years, but this is the first time I’ve ever entered. The winner was announced on Friday and printed in Sunday’s Observer: Viven McDermid’s story Paint.
What I love about this competition is the way it really makes everyone work an extra bit harder on their comics and also how it throws up new artists and unconventional styles and stories. More often than not I’ve never even heard of the artists in the winning pool – the competition seems to draw creators from all kinds of artistic backgrounds. This is great, as part of the competition’s remit is to discover new and emerging talent, as well as publicising the medium as a whole. People often seem to view it as a technical  ‘who’s the best’ kind of competition and I think that’s a bit unfortunate. It’s all about testing what can be done with the medium and stretching the boundaries a bit.
My entry, Blip, is below. I had huge fun doing it. Congratulations to Vivien and runner up Joff Winterhart and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s entries.





[The Forbidden Planet blog has more details on the winners.]


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