Out today – The Chocolate Factory Ghost!

Finally – it’s out and in the shops! It’s feels like I’ve been talking about this book for years. It’s great to know people can now actually read The Chocolate Factory Ghost for themselves. Do buy it from your local bookshop if you can.

Huge thanks to my publishers Bloomsbury (editors Ellen Holgate and Lucy Mackay-Sim,  publicist Lizz Skelly and team) for guiding the book into the world, and thanks of course to Claire Powell for the fab illustrations that brought the world of the Dundoodle Mysteries to life.

It’d be great to hear what people think – if you’ve bought the book, a review on Amazon is always helpful.

If you tweet or Instagram a picture of yourself with the book, I’ll send you a  nice, shiny signed bookmark. Just tag your pic with #DundoodleMysteries so I can find it.

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