• Murder, She Gloats

    Carnage in Cabot Cove

    Jessica Fletcher, probably the most successful serial killer in history. The corpses pile up around her, and yet the police are quite happy to pin the blame on Lesley-Anne Down, Lorenzo Lamas or whatever Z-lister happens to be passing, gullibly accepting the old lady’s increasingly outlandish explanations. It’s all material for her books, of course. Though we never see her write a single word…

    Drawn for funny chap Timothy Winchester’s Jessica Fletcher Week here.

  • Chimney Sweep

    chim chim cheroo

    The chimney in our flat was swept this morning. This was a new experience for me and I was astonished to see our chimney sweep was neither Dick Van Dyke nor a filthy, malnourished urchin, but the well-scrubbed Phil from Forest Hill.

    He still used the flat-top brush but these days they have a vacuum cleaner stuck to the end to catch all the soot.
    Happily, all was in order with our flue (no birds, skeletons of nannies or obvious structural defects) and I got to see the brush poking out of the top of the chimney pot which was most satisfying. Chim chim cher-oo.

  • The Planets

    Us and our Neighbours

    It must be hard being a planet: abuse from comets, space probes taking your picture without even asking your name, and that whole gravity thing – I could go on and on. The new nomenclature doesn’t help: poor old Pluto doesn’t know whether he’s Arthur or Martha. And now there are all these Trans-Neptunian Objects queueing up to join the club. Don’t they know what they’re in for? It’s a tough old universe.

  • Kitty Bing & Caption 09


    Kitty Bing, stealing glamorous fashion secrets, 60s-style!

    I was at Caption on Sunday, the excellent convention on comic creativity in sunny Oxford. Although I missed out on Saturday’s events, Sunday still had various treats in store, including talks from Sarah McIntyre on the way children’s picture books are making use of comic style art in interesting and innovative ways, and Asia Alfasi on her autobiographical manga about moving from Libya to Glasgow and what that meant for a comics-obsessed young muslim girl. There were loads of other things too (including cake!) but the most important part of Caption is meeting enthusiastic creators and readers. I was particularly pleased to meet Jason Little, creator of the ligne claire-style Shutterbug Follies. I’m also very pleased that my cake fairy picture, that was part of the art auction, found a happy home with one of Caption’s excellent organisers, Jenni Scott.


    Hulk want better haircut

    I am going to smash this week to bits! Workwise. In a nice, calm way. After I’ve had a cuppa.

  • CSI: Little Chef

    It looks bad, Horatio

    There should probably be a caption or speech bubble here but I couldn’t think of anything other than “battered to death” which isn’t right because it’s more of a lightly crispy crumb coating. Plus he has obviously been cut. I should be a CSI! That pea on the left looks suspicious – book him, Horatio.


    Gravity permitting, this fairy will be winging her way to this year’s Caption for the exhibition and auction. Potato-faced scrubber/British female role-model Jordan was on the TV at the time, which may have influenced this drawing.

    Speaking of monsters:


    I recently bought a book collection of David Weidman‘s work and really love those clashing 60s/70s colour schemes and the way he layered colour. Groovy.

    Lastly, I was on the train listening to a family who were off to see Oliver! so ended up drawing Oliver and nasty Mr Sykes:

    Oliver and Bill

    Almost caught up with myself!

  • Boogie Cat Wants to Dance

    Boogie Cat!

    It is hard to draw a cat moon-walking.

    What else have I been drawing lately?
    Some of my neighbours:

    Local People

    It’s an interesting mix of types around here. Plenty of people-watching to be had.
    More dancing. Slightly more formal this time:


    I had a lightly-boiled egg with soldiers for lunch the other day. Consequently a lightly-boiled egg soldier.

    Coming out of his shell

    More to come!

  • Daily drawings catch-up

    I’ve been neglecting my daily drawings. Here’s a few to catch up with.


    The Bat Chaps. Robin was eight years old when he joined Batman fighting crime. Have you hung around any eight-year-olds lately? Not much good when it comes to foiling bank robbers I can tell you. Unless you count vomiting up chicken McNuggets as a super power.

    I went to the Isle of Wight last week to visit family and had a walk around Carisbrooke Castle. Much fun and excellent views to be had on the battlements.


    I drew a couple of Norman chaps having a dust-up after that:

    Calm down, boys.

    It put me in a bit a of a fantasy mood:


    Back on track now, I think!

  • Wolf Taxi

    Beep! beep!

    I think taxi drivers from different countries can probably communicate with each other in the universal language of ‘curse’.

  • Hobbits

    Gandalf and the boys.

    What shall I draw today? [Scans DVD shelf hurriedly.]