This Book is Funny!

Happy World Book Day!


I thought I’d mark this year’s WBD by featuring a new scheme masterminded by my pal Alex Milway, author of the Pigsticks and Harold books and organiser fo the Crystal Palace Book Festival amongst other things. It’s called This Book is Funny! – here’s Alex to talk about it:

According to Publisher’s Weekly, 70% of children want books that make them laugh and roughly the same number say they would read more if they could find books that they like. Alex has come up with a scheme to make that happen!

He’s set up This Book is Funny as a online resource for parents, librarians, teachers and booksellers (and children, of course) to help them find just such funny books. There’ll be reviews and recommendations, and brilliant stickers (designed by Matt Baxter) are available if you want to tag funny books in your library or shop to make them easier to find. Or get involved and suggest a book yourself! As I find myself in that particular branch of the publishing world, I can only approve (and I’m also helping out with some of the reviews). Do have a look: This Book Is Funny (twitter: @ThisBookIs Funny).


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