Thoughts bubbling 3 & 4

Posted on Nov 18, 2010 in Comics, Events

I’ve posted about Solipsistic Pop #3 previously and finally got my hands on a copy at last Friday’s launch party. A poster and stickers, a pencil and sweets – it was all rather lovely. I spent the following Saturday morning happily rotting my teeth and reading brilliant comics.

To complement the release of SP3, there’s also PS3: Matt Sheret has produced a new edition of the newsprint comic Paper Science. Paper Science was one of the first of the recent wave of newsprint comics that have taken advantage of the services of the excellent Newspaper Club – I’m hoping to produce something of my own with them in the new year.

(pic stolen from Matt Sheret)

This edition of PS aims to be SP3’s naughty vajazzle-wearing sister – containing strips with a slightly more adult sensibility than its all-ages sibling. Naturally, this means a bit of Queen Mum action!

It’s sort of like a ‘summer special’ story, just right for warming up the chilly November days. Paper Science has a load of excellent contributors from across the small press scene – it’s a very funny read and only £1!

Both SP3 and PS3 will be on sale at Thought Bubble (and most of the creators will be there too) but you can read more about them (and order them) from the SP site and We Are Words and Pictures.

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