Who’s coming for tea? 07 plus added cats

I have been drawing every day – honest! I’ve just not been posting…

tea time

Here’s the last part of the tea-time epic.
I’ve been out in the garden talking to the tomato plants and observing the local cat politics. I may have mentioned this before but my neighbourhood has an embarrassment of feline riches, and my next-door neighbours have (amongst other animals) NINE cats – a fact I find so astonishing I keep repeating it (NINE cats!).
Here’s a few of them:
The Great Darkness belongs to my upstairs neighbour and is very fat, elderly and possibly the most bad-tempered cat I’ve ever encountered. Do not approach without a big stick.
The Daft Ginger One is the youngest of The Nine and generally harmless. It finds snails totally fascinating.
Bob is the only one of The Nine whose real name I know and is the only friendly one, which is a pity as he’s a complete fleabag. I also suspect mental issues. Will fight with all-comers.
More Cats!
Until I saw The Evil Stripy One I hadn’t realised cats could frown. Possibly the most dangerous of The Nine, though the ‘Incident with the Hose’ probably didn’t help.
Bob’s mate lives a few doors down and is a total ‘fraidy-cat. For some reason Bob tolerates him so they hang out a lot. He reminds me of the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service so I probably should have drawn him with a bead of manga-sweat or something.
The Ginger One From Across the Street is a player in the politics of the neighbourhood. He occasionally (foolishly) ventures across into the territory of The Nine but soons learns the better of it.

Also I popped into London Underground Comics‘ LUC176 event on Saturday. Ellen Lindner kindly sold some of my comics from her table (you should check out her masterpiece Undertow) so I could go and have a sneaky beer outside with my friend Sam. It was certainly a great venue – I hope the event was a success for everyone.

Lastly, my pic of me aged 100 received an honourable mention from the honourable Phil McAndrew in his competition, which was nice news to wake up to. The winner was drawn by the amazing Britt Wilson.

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