Guardian Competition Winner!

I’ve just come back from a holiday to find that The Guardian have posted some of the entries to the Monster & Chips competition that ran a while ago.


And here’s the winner: congratulations to Luke Westall! I chose his character, Itsi, as I thought Luke had shown the best imagination in both his drawing and in the things he had written about his character. There was a lot about Itsi’s personality and how he would fit into the world of monsters: I could just see him in a Monster & Chips story. Also, sabre-tooth cats are very cool.

Part of Luke’s prize was a drawing of Itsi by me, so here’s my version:


Huge thanks to The Guardian for hosting the competition! You can see a whole load of other entrants here.

Here’s another bit of Monster & Chips artwork sent to me recently – a great picture of Joe, chips and all, drawn by Tomos Rees. Tomos’ mum and dad are old friends of mine – apparently he likes to draw every night before bedtime. I wish I could be that organised!


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